Our Team

Most areas of the church are run by volunteers who serve magnificently. We believe everyone has a part to play in the life of Hope Church, and we also know that the church thrives with good and godly leadership throughout.

We have an eldership team who are responsible for overseeing the church and a leadership team who assist the pastor in the day to day leadership of the church. There is also an Operations Team that look after our Sunday morning meetings and a Trustee team that are responsible for good governance.

Hope Church’s Leadership Team

amber and steve

Steve & Amber Delves: Steve is our full time Senior Pastor, is the lead elder and heads up the Leadership & Staff Team. Steve is married to Amber, who is also part of the Leadership Team. They have three children. Amber heads up the Connect Team who welcome and integrate newcomers into the church. They both come from a youth and schools work background. Amber currently works as a Pre-School Manager. In Steve’s spare time he loves doing a bit of 3-D printing. Amber is a keen gardener and enjoys doing Pilates.

Simon Berger: Simon is an elder. He is part of the preaching team and is also part of the Leadership Team. Simon is a police officer. Simon also serves on the children’s team and heads up the refreshment team. Simon has a heart for outreach. Simon is married to Louise and they have two sons. In Simon’s spare time he enjoys going fishing and has a keen interest in sport.

matt and becky

Matt & Becky Titheridge: Matt is our Chair of Trustees and our Operations & Finance Manager. Matt also heads up our PA team. Becky serves in our worship Team. Matt works as a Team Leader for a national organisation and Becky runs her own business in Aldershot and the surrounding areas. They are both part of the Leadership Team at Hope Church Aldershot. They have four children. In Matt’s spare time he loves watching sport, particularly football. In Becky’s spare time she enjoys walking and listening to podcasts.


Sylvia Cook: Sylvia is our Family & Community Worker. She is married to Gordon and is a mum to two teenage daughters. In Sylvia’s spare time she teaches and takes part in Pilates. Sylvia also enjoys running.


Jo Ridgway: Jo is part of our Leadership Team and also heads up the prayer ministry at Hope Church Aldershot. Jo serves on the Connect/Welcome Team too. She brings considerable pastoral gifts and skills. Jo is married to Steve and they have two children. She works for the NHS as a specialist dietitian. In Jo’s spare time she enjoys drawing & swimming. Jo also loves to watch James Bond or Mission Impossible films.

rich and nicky

Rich & Nikki Bruton: Rich is part of our preaching & worship team and Nikki is part of the refreshment team. They are both part of our Leadership Team. Rich leads our Holy Spirit ministry and Nikki leads our pastoral ministry. Rich & Nikki run their own local businesses. In Richard’s spare time he enjoys going to the gym, listening to music and following the football. In Nikki’s spare time she enjoys gardening, cooking and looking after the grandchildren.


Lyndsey Wills: Lyndsey is part of our Leadership Team and also heads up our worship team. Lyndsey is currently training to become an Occupational Therapist for the NHS. Lyndsey is married to Jon and they have three children. In Lyndsey’s spare time she enjoys watching Netflix and eating her husband’s BBQ food.

Hope Church’s Trusteees


Nehemie Nsengiyumva: Nehemie is one of our Trustees. He is an Accounting Analyst and serves as part of our PA team. Nehemie is married to Clemence and they have two boys.


Suzi Berger: Suzi is one of our Trustees. She is a Content & Digital Manager for a global organisation. Suzi also serves as one of our Youth & Blaze Team Leaders. In Suzi’s spare time she enjoys going out with friends, walking and camping.


Dave Monk: Dave is one of our Trustees and serves on our Connect/Welcome Team at Hope Church Aldershot. Dave is retired but previously worked as a Business and Facilities Manager for a charity organisation. Dave is married to Pam. In Dave’s spare time he’s very much a classic car man. He also enjoys reading, holidays and dining out.