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The Word – John 1:1-14

This week Steve wil be exploring the nativity story told from the cosmic and eternal perspective found in John chapter 1. 

Prophecy in the Bible: Foretelling Jesus’ Death

How does the Bible prophecy Jesus’ death? In Isaiah 53 we see how God predicted, some 700 years in advance, how and why the Messiah would die and that he would come to life again.

Prophecy in the Bible: Jesus the Messiah

This Sunday Steve will be helping us understand why Christmas is so important to celebrate as the ‘Mass’ of Christ (the Greek word for Messiah). This continues our look at prophecy in the Bible as we bring particular focus on the prophecies about Jesus – his birth, life, death and resurrection. As part of today’s […]

Prophecy in the Bible

As we continue our series on prophecy, this week Steve looks at the place of prophecy in the Bible. 


This week Steve concludes our study of 1 Thessalonians and looks at the power of encouragement to build up community in chapter 5.

Questions about Sex, Love, Work and the Return of Christ

Today we continue our exploration of 1 Thessalonians by looking at chapter 4 and the questions Paul is addressing in response to the church in Thessalonica.


All of us are nervous when someone shares with us how they think we are doing. This Sunday Steve looks at chapter 3 of 1 Thessalonians and explores how Paul responds to Timothy’s report on how that church was doing. 

Our Very Selves

We are continuing to look at Thessalonians 1 and today we’re exploring chapter 2. Together we’ll be looking at what it means to be a church that gets involved in the lives of the communities around us.

Positively Thriving

This Sunday Steve explores the 1st letter to the Thessalonian church as part of a new series, and encourages us to think about what it means to positively thrive even in these days!

On God’s Front Line

Today we’re looking at hope on God’s front line as Jonty shares his experiences from Moria Refugee Camp in Greece – focusing on our response as Christians to the contemporary refugee crisis and how to practice what we preach.

The Hope of Heaven

When death, serious illness or injury strikes close to home, in what do you believe? Where does your hope lie? This week we look at ‘The Hope of Heaven’, chapter 6 in ‘The Case for Hope’, and explore what the Bible says about going to Heaven.

James – Wealth

This morning’s preach looks at having a godly attitude to wealth and possessions from the start of James chapter 5. We will be looking at how to get our priorities right, how to keep ourselves just and fair, and how to look to eternity.

James – Pride

This week Steve unpacks chapter 4 of James. He looks at how we deal with the tongue’s tendency to quarrel, compromise, speak ill of people and boast. We will also be joined by Ruth for a Blaze Blast to kick off today’s talk.

James – Wisdom

What does it mean to be a teacher and how can we live our lives with wisdom? In this week’s video, Isaac explores the message of James chapter 3 and shows how James’ words can help advise us on how we speak and act. We’re also joined again by the Blaze team for a fun […]

James – Family

Families come in all shapes and sizes and it’s a common metaphor used in the Bible to describe the church. This week we’re joined by the Blaze team for half an hour of fun and Bible learning before Steve looks at James chapter 2 and explores the themes of family, favouritism and faithful action.

James – Trials

Join us today as Lyndsey starts us off on a new series looking at James’ letter and explores why we experience trials. Click here to listen to the song Lyndsey refers to in her preach.

New World – Disciples

This is the third and final sermon in our series on: New World. Today Steve explores what wisdom we can gather from the disciples after the resurrection of Jesus and how we can do life with skill.

New World – Nehemiah

This is the second sermon in our new series: New World. Today Richard is exploring Nehemiah and how Jesus loves to restore our individual lives in Him, and build us together as a church to see His Kingdom rule in love upon this earth.

New World – Noah

This week we begin a new series: New World. For the next three weeks we’ll be searching the Bible for wisdom on how to start afresh emerging from significant world changing events. We’ll be starting with Noah, a special guest in today’s sermon, as we discover how the builder of the ark rebuilt life after […]

Following Jesus – Good News

This Sunday we conclude our series on ‘Following Jesus’ with an encouraging talk looking at why following Jesus is good news, and how we can share that good news with others.