Jesus the Ultimate Superhero

This week we’re looking at what makes a good superhero and how Jesus is the ultimate superhero. In this week’s resources you can search for superhero words/phrases in a word search, generate your own superhero name, colour in a cape and shield plus print your own superhero prayer to stick on your bedroom wall.

Jesus Superhero – Prayer

Click to download: Superhero Prayer

Jesus Superhero – Blaze At Home

Click to download: Jesus Superhero – Blaze@Home

Jesus Superhero – Word Search

Click to download: Superhero Word Search

Jesus Superhero – Name Generator

Click to download: Superhero Name Generator

Jesus Superhero – Shield Colouring

Click to download: Superhero-Shield-Colouring-Page

Jesus Superhero – Cape Colouring

Click to download: Superhero-Cape-Colouring-Page